Many fares have additional restrictions or applications. These restrictions/applications are shown in connection with each fare as a Restriction Code and are explained in this section. In addition to the general rules and regulations the conditions shown for the Restriction Code will also apply.

A{n}Indicates an advance purchase by that number of days is required, i.e., A14 indicates a 14-day advance purchase requirement. Limit of tickets will be computed from first date valid for travel.
ADMFare applicable in connection with special event admission or hotel package only.
BBasing fare only.
BLKFares specifically indicated may be used to blanket intermediate points.
C${n}Indicates a cancellation penalty by that number of dollars will apply to totally unused and partially used tickets submitted for refund, i.e., C$5 indicates a $5.00 cancellation penalty.
C%{n}Indicates a cancellation penalty by that percentage will apply to totally unused and partially used tickets submitted for refund, i.e., C%20 indicates a (20%) percent cancellation penalty.
CASFare applies to casino only. No children's fares will be sold. Passengers must be 21 years of age or older.
CC$Fares shown in Canadian Currency.
CHChild's fare for children ages 2 thru 11 only. Must be accompanied by an adult passenger.
CMP{n}Indicates a companion can travel with the passenger for an additional fare equal to that number of dollars, i.e., CMP5 indicates a companion fare of $5. Children's fares will be the same as adult fares in determining companion fares. Companion and passenger must travel together for the entire trip.
CWAChild must travel with adult.
DP{n}Indicates the departure time for which the ticket is valid.
EX{n}The departure date and time may be changed for a charge by the number of dollars indicated per transaction. Origin and/or destination may not be changed, i.e., EX5 indicates an exchange fee of $5.
EXPTL{d}Indicates the date which the ticket will expire for travel.
FIndicates furlough fare applicable only to male and female personnel of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, also for personnel of the Military Forces of other countries of the United Nations, when on official leave, furlough or pass when traveling at their own expense. Also applies to authorized Cadets, Midshipmen and Nurses of the same Service Units. Military personnel must present official leave, furlough or pass papers.
G{n}Indicates the going portion of the trip must commence within that number of days from the date of sale.
GEIndicates fare will be sold only to state and federal government employees, presenting a valid government ID card at the time of purchase.
GTRIndicates fare will be sold only when issued in exchange for U.S. Government Transportation Requests for Active Duty U.S. Military personnel. One Way tickets are valid for 180 days. Round Trip tickets are valid for one year.
HBFare not applicable during holiday blackout period.
L{n}Indicates Multi-Ride Tickets are valid for that number of days.
LSIndicates a Limited number of seats available per departure.
MIndicates fare will be sold only to Active Duty U.S. Military personnel, their spouses and dependents upon presentation of valid military identification.
MILIndicates fare applies to Active Duty Military Personnel or Miilitary Recruits.
MPMIndicates a Mini Primary Market. A Mini Primary Market consists of one or more core cities in a currently defined primary market. See Primary Market Section.
Indicates a Multi-Ride fare good for that number of trips, i.e., MR10 indicates a ten ride Multi-Ride fare. No baggage will be checked on any Multi-Ride fare.
NBKFares apply between specifically named points only and may not be used to blanket fares to intermediate points.
NCFNo children's fares will be sold.
NCPNo companion fares will be sold.
NFDNo further discounts will apply.
NHPHoliday Premium does not apply.
NPTNo Prepaid Ticket Orders will be sold.
NRTicket is Non-Refundable.
NSCNo senior citizen discounts will apply.
NWPWeekend Premiums do not apply. (This includes Midweek Premiums when applicable.)
OL{n}Indicates One Way Tickets are valid for that number of days.
P{nn}Indicates a Promotional Package must be purchased in conjunction with this fare at additional cost. Two digit number indicates Package number.
PMPrimary Market. Origin and/or destination city is a defined Primary Market. See Primary Market Section.
RReturn portion of round trip tickets will be honored on any scheduled departure.
RL{n}Indicates a Round Trip Ticket good for that number of days, i.e., RL2 indicates a Round Trip Ticket valid for two (2) days from Date of Sale.
RXReturn portion of round trip tickets is restricted to scheduled departure times shown.
SFares applicable only to College Students, presenting a valid student identification card.
SC{n}Indicates fare is applicable to senior citizens of that age or older, i.e., SC62 is applicable to senior citizens age 62 or older.
SDTickets limited to Date of Sale Only.
SK{n}Followed by a number, indicates the ticket is valid on that schedule number only.
SNPSpecial negociated price.
TFare applies to Atlantic City Bus Terminal only.
TWWCanadian portion of trip applicable over the routes of Trentway-Wagar, Inc. only.
WWWFare is applicable for internet sales only. Internet only fares will not be assessed a transaction fee.
XPIndicates Express Schedule Pricing applies. Use XP fare between specific city pairs where schedule numbers are shown in the Restriction column. Fares for other schedules and/or cities in the Primary Market group may be sold at the PM fare not showing schedule numbers.
Y{n}Indicates tickets sold only to youths between the ages named, i.e., Y16-19, indicates a minimum age of 16 and a maximum age of 19 years.
Indicates tickets valid (or not valid if preceded by an "X") on day(s) of week indicated only.
1 - Monday4 - Thursday7 - Sunday
2 - Tuesday5 - FridayH - Holidays
3 - Wednesday6 - SaturdayX - Except

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